I love the fact that the Great SPAM Debate is still being hashed out in the mainstream media.  Even the Wall Street Journal is chiming in with their piece on the subject.

Here’s how it all went down: when the Carnival Splendor suffered a debilitating engine room fire a few weeks ago, the US Navy brought supplies out to the stricken ship.  As stoves and heating elements weren’t working, the culinary experts aboard the Carnival Splendor had to rely on their creative ingenuity to prepare appetizing meals made only out of cold food reserves.

According to Carnival Senior Cruise Director John Heald’s blog, they rose to the challenge with remarkable success, preparing a delicious buffet that was laid out for all in the dining room.  A true example of overcoming the odds masterfully.

Sadly, their hard work – as well as the hard work of every other crew member aboard – isn’t being celebrated.  Instead, the mainstream media is still gorging itself on one question: was SPAM served to the passengers?

Here’s what we know:

  1. It was loaded onto the ship by the US Navy.  It was not onboard before this.
  2. Carnival has stated repeatedly it was loaded, but never served.
  3. Passengers, typically, have variously claimed to have eaten it or not eaten it. 

My question is this: who cares?

Sure, SPAM may not be the most appetizing foodstuff I’ve ever encountered, but if it came down to eating it or starving, the next sound you’d hear would be me rolling back the metal top and licking my lips.  

The media may be salivating over it because they’re hoping for some smoking gun that will turn the incident into a veritable “SPAMgate” for the industry.  So they have the US Navy’s fact, and Carnival’s fact, and they’re turning to passengers for their input. 

One individual interviewed in the Wall Street Journal indicated the food he ate wasn’t SPAM, but it was “SPAM-ish.”  Aha!  A clue, Sherlock.  Perhaps the “mystery meat” was a piece of hot dog or meatloaf.

Or perhaps this entire topic is a load of old SPAM.

From the Deck Chair will return tomorrow with more delicious, non-SPAM related coverage.


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