Kirkenes, the Snow Hotel, the Northern Lights & Russia

On Tuesday, February 26th, I walked down the gangway of Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol for the very last time as she arrived in the port of Kirkenes, Norway just after 10am local time. It marked the sad end of a voyage that had far exceeded my expectations, […]

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Honningsvag & the North Cape

Ferocious, blowing wind greeted Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol this morning as she made her way into the small port of Havoysund, located at 70° 59.6 N, 24° 41.2’ E.

“Brooding” was an excellent way to describe the atmosphere as we passed a single, lonely lighthouse perched atop a rocky outcrop rising […]

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Tromso, the Polar Museum, and the Norwegian Winter

Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol sailed steadily through the night last evening, continuing to call at some of Norway’s most remote ports of call.

This is surely one of the quietest ships I’ve ever been on, mechanically-speaking. Throughout my stateroom and the rest of the public rooms, nothing squeaks […]

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Crossing the Arctic Circle, Hurtigruten-style

This morning was something of an important milestone here onboard Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol, as we officially crossed over the Arctic Circle at 66° 33’ N just after 7:35am local time. Not only is this an important geographic accomplishment (we’re now further north than the vast majority of Canada and Greenland), […]

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Trondheim and the Magnificent Norwegian Coast

Early this morning, Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol arrived in the port of Trondheim, Norway and took up position at the dock behind Hurtigruten’s 1997-built Nordnorge, which was operating the southbound journey to Bergen. The daily program delivered onboard actually lists when you’ll be in port with another Hurtigruten […]

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Exploring Torvik, Alesund & Molde with Hurtigruten

I started my first morning aboard Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol by watching as we sailed past the Western Cape of Norway, which is at the same rough geographic parallel as Marseilles, France. By the time we reach Kirkenes next Tuesday, we’ll be on the same equivalent east as Istanbul, […]

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Embarking Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol in Bergen, Norway

Hurtigruten’s Midnatsol arrived at the Hurtigruten quay in Bergen, Norway just moments after I did. With her tri-color black, red and white hull, she stood out amongst the otherwise grey and brooding sky and sea, giving three blasts on her unusually deep-sounding whistles to let everyone know that […]

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Come Sail with us on The World’s Most Beautiful Voyage

Today marks the start of another Live Voyage Report here on From the Deck Chair, and it is one that will take us to one of the world’s most beautiful countries at a seemingly unlikely time of year.

Beginning tomorrow, we’ll embark Hurtigruten’s […]

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For me, the best time aboard any ship is at night – not because the entertainment kicks off, or the drinks begin to flow, but because I’ve always found something deeply mysterious and wonderful about being aboard a ship at night, sailing gracefully along the water.

But more than that, the public rooms of a […]

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I have come down with a terrible cold as I write this. I’m coughing and hacking away, nursing cups of hot tea drowned in honey in a desperate attempt to rid myself of my newfound illness. My condition, however, isn’t helped by the fact I keep seething over the media “coverage” of the incident aboard […]

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