Maybe it’s because I stepped off of a sailing ship in the Mediterranean two weeks ago, but I feel like sailing. The Wind Star may be an awfully long way from the West Coast, but the Schooner Zodiac is just a stone’s throw away […]

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Everyone hates flying. Or do they?

To me, nothing is more natural than being locked in a metal tube hurtling thousands of metres above the surface of the earth while simultaneously relying on little more than pretzels and orange juice for sustenance.

But all joking aside, I do love flying, and I relish every time […]

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I realized the other day that I always discuss places I’ve been on this blog; a very reasonable thing for a travel writer to do. Today, I thought I’d share a few of the places that I’ve never been to, but very much want to see at some point in the future.

Santorini, Greece

I […]

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For me, half the fun of taking any trip is photographing all the other ships I see along the way, and a voyage to the Mediterranean is about as good as it gets for ship-spotters. The sheer amount of ferries, cruise ships and other vessels plying these waters is nothing short of extraordinary.

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If you follow ultra-luxury line Silversea on their Facebook page, chances are you’ll have noticed some great photos of a few of the truly exceptional experiences that guests aboard the intimate Silver Explorer as she sails her Arctic Expedition itineraries. They’ve graciously allowed me to share them […]

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Hot on the heels of our Mediterranean adventure aboard Windstar Cruises’ Wind Star that saw us travel from Rome to Nice comes our next adventure here on From the Deck Chair: a weeklong journey through the Canadian Maritime provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, beginning […]

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A Journey from Italy to France aboard the Wind Star

My journey aboard Windstar Cruises’ Wind Star whisked me from Italy to France, stopping on the small, out of the way ports that are perfectly suited to a ship this size. Perhaps that’s the greatest allure of a Windstar cruise beside the ships […]

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Bus to St. Paul de Vence? Why not!

After disembarking Windstar Cruises’ Wind Star on Saturday, I stayed on for two days in Nice, France. Although there is plenty to do within Nice itself, you might not know just how close Nice is to several other major cities.

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The End of one Journey in Nice, and the Start of Another

On Saturday, I said goodbye to Windstar Cruises’ Wind Star in the port of Nice, France. That alone is worth mentioning, as larger ships are required to dock slightly farther away in Villefranche.

Disembarkation could not have been easier; like everything […]

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Monte Carlo, Eze, and the end of a Great Cruise

On paper – or at work – seven days seems like a long time. But a week spent aboard Windstar Cruises’ Wind Star runs by all too quickly. In just seven short days, we have visited the Italian towns of Civitavecchia, Portoferraio, Portovenere, […]

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