Today, I am finally onboard Viking River Cruises’ Viking Forseti for an unparalleled journey on one of their newest itineraries: the weeklong Chateaux, Rivers & Wine river cruise that makes its debut season this year. Even after less than 24 hours onboard, it’s been a stellar experience so far, thanks largely to the friendly staff and crew of the Viking Forseti.

As anyone who’s ever river cruised before can attest to, shipboard internet access is an inexact science at best. Frankly, it’s amazing that internet access is even possible on river cruise ships given the severe restrictions on their overall heights. You can’t just slap a satellite dome on the top of a river cruise ship in the way you can on an oceangoing one.

So while things here onboard the Viking Forseti are absolutely fabulous this morning as we sail towards Pauillac, our internet connection is not. It’s fast enough to check basic emails, but preparing this short blurb took in excess of one hour. Maintaining a full live report just isn’t possible at this time.

However! As we have with other reports where internet connectivity has left us stymied, we’ll simply put this one on time-delay. We’ll still continue to write and photograph full day-by-day reports here onboard Viking Forseti, but we’ll begin running them on a daily basis beginning Saturday, November 29. Our Viking Baldur Live Voyage Report will then be placed on a similar “time delay”, beginning Sunday, December 7.

Of course, should internet connectivity come back in full force before then, we’ll resume the postings, beginning with Day One.

Thanks for bearing with us!

Our Live Voyage Report aboard Viking River Cruises’ Viking Forseti will continue no later than Saturday, November 29! Be sure to follow along on twitter by following @deckchairblog or the hashtag #LiveVoyageReport.


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