Silversea’s Newest Ship is a Worthy Muse

Welcome aboard the first-ever sailing of Silversea’s newest luxury ship, Silver Muse! Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

After a special evening in Milan yesterday evening, I embarked Silversea’s 596-guest Silver Muse for the first time this afternoon. Docked in the port city of Genoa, Italy – not far from the Fincantieri yard at Sestri Ponente where she was built – Silversea’s newest luxury ship sparkles from stem to stern.

She’s a gorgeous vessel to behold in person, with elegantly-tapered decks forward and aft. Elements of the line’s previous flagship, the 2009-built Silver Spirit are evident in her design and construction, but Silver Muse has her own distinct characteristics that set her apart.

Welcome aboard! Guests are greeted by Dolce Vita, Silver Muse’s new take on Silversea’s classic watering hole known as The Bar. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Her bow is raked and pointed, doing away with Spirit’s curved bow superstructure that seems to wrap around the upper edges of the hull. A small but noteworthy first for Silversea can be found on Silver Muse, which boasts the line’s first completely covered mooring deck. Previous ships have had exposed mooring decks. Great fun for guests to watch, less fun for the line handlers that are exposed to the elements.

Silver Muse also has an additional deck over Silver Spirit, which actually works to balance out her forward and aft profiles better than her predecessor. Most distinctively, Silver Muse can be easily distinguished at a distance by her dual funnel uptakes – another first for the line.

The soaring atrium staircase developed for Silver Spirit returns aboard Silver Muse, but with a brand-new look. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Throughout the few hours I’ve been onboard, I’ve noticed a great number of improvements over Silver Spirit – a ship I genuinely love. For example, passenger suite corridors are noticeably wider than past vessels. The pool deck feels more spacious, and the swimming pool is massive.

Also on the “massive” side of the scale: Dolce Vita, Silver Muse’s new central watering hole that is the next evolution of the classic space that you and I would remember best as, “The Bar.” It’s still located on Deck 5, and like Silver Spirit, it’s still flanked by both the Reception and Shore Excursion desks. Here, however, it’s almost three times the size of The Bar aboard Silver Spirit. It’s one of the biggest spaces I can recall seeing on any ship outside of Queen Mary 2, and has the effect of making Silver Muse’s entrance lobby feel like you’re waltzing into some swanky Ritz-Carlton.

Onboard is a stellar delivery crew that includes Captain Alessandro Zanello, Hotel Director Paolo Percivale, and Cruise Director Jimmy Kovel, plus legions of crew that I recognize from other Silversea vessels. The pride that they feel for their new vessel is palpable.

Cabin corridors have a new look for the line, and are noticeably wider. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Its first newbuild ship in seven years, the debut of Silver Muse is understandably an exciting event for Silversea. Energy was high last night at a cocktail reception at Milan’s elegant Villa Necchi, where enthusiasm and energy for this new ship flowed as easily as the wine and Aperol Spritz.

I’ll be honest: I’m excited abut this ship, too. I’ve been sailing with Silversea for seven years now, and first embarked the Silver Spirit when she was brand-new. If pressed, she’s still my favorite ship in the fleet (but the first always is.). Silver Muse, though, is taking Silversea in a new direction. Not a bold new direction, but rather a comfortable progression of the classic luxury and European elegance that has been crucial to the Silversea formula since it began operating over twenty years ago.

My home for four short days: Deluxe Veranda Suite 929, shown in two-bed configuration. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

The new vanity and desk area has a cleaner, more streamlined design than past iterations. A TV is inset into the mirrored surface. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

New touches: new phone, new fruit tray (before fruit) and plates. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Balconies aboard Silver Muse are noticeably deeper than past vessels. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Nothing much has changed in the closet over past vessels, but the brighter decor really adds to this space. And the hardhats were a novelty provided for the occasion! Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Silversea’s classic bathroom, reimagined. Colours are closer to Silver Shadow and Whisper than Silver Spirit’s woodgrain accents. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Suites come standard with Bulgari Green, but Ferragamo and hypo-allergenic options are also available. Laura Tonatto reed diffusers give the bathroom a pleasant smell. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

New suite showers on Silver Muse feature a rainforest showerhead and a much-improved glass door arrangement. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

The in-mirror TV’s are substantially larger and work better than those aboard Silver Spirit. And the movies are entirely free-of-charge. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Initially, I had concerns that maybe Silver Muse would be too Silver Spirit-like. Maybe nothing would have changed – or very little. But this ship has really taken the best of what Silver Spirit has to offer and delivered it with brighter décor and more modern fittings. It’s a great luxury ship for our times.

Not only that, but Silver Muse came out of the Fincantieri yard looking fantastic. Forget what you’ve heard about ships being delivered half-finished; this vessel is 100 percent operational and ready-to-go.

Gathering in the wonderfully modern Venetian Lounge on Deck 6…Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

…for a special delivery presentation and performance. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Silversea chairman, Dr. Manfredi Lefebvre d’Ovidio summed things up nicely. “Since the laying of the keel in December 2015, Silversea and Fincantieri have been working closely together to produce one of the finest ships to leave this shipyard and we look forward to welcoming our first guests onboard. On behalf of everybody at Silversea, I would like to thank Fincantieri for their tireless commitment to deliver Silver Muse to us on schedule and to such a high standard of craftsmanship.”

Roberto Martinoli, Silversea’s CEO, commented on the importance of both yesterday and today to the line and its loyal past guests, known as Venetian Society members. “Today marks another milestone for Silversea, our guests and our colleagues as we celebrate our new flagship, Silver Muse, joining the fleet. The attention to detail throughout the ship is a reflection of our dedication, in conjunction with Fincantieri, to offer the ultimate luxury experience at sea.”

Preparing to sail from Genoa on April 3, 2017. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Giuseppe Bono, CEO of Fincantieri, commented on the building of Silver Muse and the breakneck pace of the cruise industry, saying, “A cruise ship is the result of the most complex innovation and product process and it represents the state of the art of this industry, as Silver Muse proves. For our company, indeed, this is the second delivery in just four days, with two different kind of ships, in two different yards and for different customers. This demonstrates our operational capacity, unique in the world.”

I could blah-blah-blah today, in detail, about the ship. But, as I am discovering her for the first time along with you, I’d rather share my first impressions in pictures. One of which, as the saying goes, is worth a thousand words. Tomorrow and throughout the week I’ll have more in-depth coverage from onboard this all-too-short preview cruise that concludes Friday in Barcelona.

Are you ready to step aboard Silver Muse?

The new look…Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

…of the always-popular Panorama Lounge, Deck 9 aft. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

The Panorama Lounge now boasts this cool spiral staircase that empties out on Deck 8 next to the Connoisseur Club. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

The new Arts Cafe, Deck 8 aft, facing port. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Card Room, Deck 8 aft, facing starboard. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Reception at the new Zagara Spa, Deck 6 aft. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Thermal Suite relaxation area in the Zagara Spa, facing forward. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

New cabin corridor carpeting. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Forward passenger elevator bank and stairwell. Silversea has kept the basic general arrangement of Silver Muse just like her predecessors: public rooms aft, accommodations forward. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

A quick look…Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

…at Tor’s Observation Library, Deck 11 forward. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Random Tor’s carpet shot. Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Finally, another look at Dolce Vita on Deck 5. This may be my favourite public space onboard the classy Silver Muse! Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Photo © 2017 Aaron Saunders

Rendering courtesy of Silversea.

Our Live Voyage Report from the opening voyage of Silversea’s Silver Muse continues tomorrow as we spend a day at sea and focus on the ship’s bars and lounges! Follow along on twitter by following @deckchairblog.

Silver Muse Shakedown Cruise - Genoa to Barcelona

Monday, April 3, 2017Genoa, ItalyEmbark Silver Muse2300
Tuesday, April 4At Sea
Wednesday, April 5Marseille, France08001500
Thursday, April 6Tarragona, Spain08002300
Friday, April 7, 2017Barcelona, Spain0800Disembark

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